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Ameesha was present at the launch of a jewllery show in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, as a special guest, when she was touched inappropriately by a man. Being leader of Opposition, Shivraj Singh can n There was no fight between us, it was just a misunderstanding. Aishwarya Rai later broke up with him. During a such argument, Ranvir lost his temper and slapped Rahul publicly. Salman lost his temper and slapped Ranbir publically.

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Laughs Do I need to answer that?

Video: Ameesha Patel slaps a man for groping her in public – Emirates24|7

I appreciative constructive criticism more than empty praise. There is no permanent enemy or friend in Bollywood. Salman Khan is known to have a bad temper. I loved doing the hoity-toity act. Has all the stress taken its toll on you?

Ameesha Patel Slaps A Man For Groping Her

Subash Ghai was also slapped by Salman Khan when he was shooting ‘Taal’. The letters and flowers I got for Asoka were unbelievable. Salman was accused of slapping Aishwarya Rai when they were in a relationship. Xmisha shows that film-makers and audiences haven full faith in my abilities.


Ameesha Patel mobbed, slaps man for groping | Entertainment | Dunya News

Due to his misbehaving, Ankita slapped Sushant Singh Rajput in the middle of the party. Salman Khan also slapped Katrina Kaif in a coffee-house publicly in Mumbai. Badhaai Ho Cr. Tomorrow it could be someone else. Why do you get into these hostile situations? He many times protested against him. I told him I was hurt because he screen-tested me for Devdas and then replaced me without my knowledge.

Do you really get time to go out with friends? The problem is, after Refugee everyone wants to see mem giving powerhouse performances in all my films.

A temple in UPs Gorakhpur smashes Hindu temples Why slapss talk about your work?

You know I watched Asoka by myself with only my mom and Lolo for company. Aditya Pancholi is also infamous for having unpredictable anger bursts. Rekha is called a sex goddess. Are you okay with that now?


Video: Ameesha Patel slaps a man for groping her in public

I do have mood swings. During a such argument, Ranvir lost his temper and slapped Rahul publicly.

Success may have come easily to me but to remain there is tough. He was also one of my first heroes after Abhishek.

Ameesha Patel slapped a man at a recent event, for groping her. He owes me a solo-heroine film. No two films of mine have been the same. But where is he? I cried at the end of the movie. Indians top list of foreign tourists visit