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Check if the Cleaner Blade does not have paper dust or bending. Use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to remove the ink stain. Head Cleaning operation cannot be done so that the remaining ink is low condition. Left most is 1, center is 2 and right most is 3. Remove Torsion Spring 0. Set PG position is close L. Alignment adjustment pattern is printed.

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As for each overhang area, refer to Figure p. When turning on the power, the Carriage Unit collides to the right side of the Main Frame. The type and amount of the grease used to lubricate the printer parts are determined based on the results of the internal evaluations. Holder Shaft Unit 2. Check if the Document Glass is not clean. Input Head Elson for replacement only 4.

Set the Torsion Spring 0. Photo frame print area 1. T Copy scannfr is automatically selected from 3 options, related to paper type and paper size.

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The printer may not function properly or at all if you use third party ink cartridges. T To select a card that has been inserted in a non-active slot, the card in the active slot must first be removed. Do not scratch the coated surface of the PF Roller Unit. Print Head Removal 1 Rib Scannet Replace the Scanner Motor with a new one.


Clean the Print Head Cover carefully with a soft cloth. Remove Head Cable Cover downward while releasing the lower tab x1, of Head Cable Cover by using a precision screwdriver. Confirm that Clutch mechanism operates smoothly. Epsn if the PE Sensor is not damaged. The ink cartridge that passes the expiration date should not be used.

Top margin adjustment 3. You could accept the default area to conserve the file. Replace the Printer Mechanism with a new one. Power-on initialization This printer is initialized when turning the printer power on, or printer recognized the cold-reset command remote RS command. Be cautious of the following points. Head Cleaning operation cannot be done so that the remaining ink is low condition. Therefore, judge if it is normal or abnormal based on if there is operation of the motor or not; the resistance values cannot be used to judge the abnormality.

Release the hooks x3, for securing Panel Unit. Therefore the ink consumption amount for manual cleaning varies depending on each mode Refer to Chapter 2.


V Prints all photos one by one shown on the index sheet. If ink has spread to the ribs on the upper surface of Paper Guide Front Unit, use a cotton swab to remove it.

V Memory card print functions This unit can print images from the memory card in memory card slots in standalone mode. Check scannrr printed patterns and select a pattern number that has 5mm margins from the paper edges. Replace the Encoder FFC with a new one. Phillips Screw Driver No.

Epson Stylus Photo RX430

Refer to Chapter 5 for details. Check if the Compression Spring 2. Pump Mechanism Left side view Spur Gear