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Has anyone upgraded their laser before? Chris, contact your rep and get all the facts directly. Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. Have you tried the other port? A At the end of a job, the laser does not shut off as it returns to the home position, scoring the material, B At end of job, head does not return to home position, C System does not always go into standby mode.

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Vicky “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving isn’t for you.

I have a LaserPro Mercury 30 Watt laser. Thank for the responceā€¦ I use corel draw.

LaserPro Explorer II problems

Have you tried the other port? My rep Jorlink in NC worked with me to locate the problem, even overnighting a main board to me, however I solved the problem myself tracing it to some faulty cabling from the autofocus probe. If you have a Synrad tube I’d say you will probably have to stay with Synrad for the upgrade or you may find mechanical complications.

We did things that way and currently I have 6 x 30w lasers running and we put out a LOT more stuff than lets say3 x 60 watters would.

GCC Laserpro Explorer 2 30 watt Gas Laser Recharge

Photoshop works pretty well. In lasrpro year, I have only had two issues. Coreldraw seems to be the program they test the machine with because I seen to not have problems with corel.

I wish I had found this list before I rxplorer my laserā€¦. Not sure how much it costs from from GCC but you might find a MeanWell electronics supplier that can sell you one.


Jorlink recorded the versions of driver and firmware and jorlink and laserpro filed to notice the versions were out of date. If the problem follows the file then look at the file for the problem.

Join Date Jul Posts 1, A At the end of a job, the laser does not shut off as rxplorer returns to the home position, scoring the material, B At end of job, head does not return to home position, C System does not always go into standby mode. Adding water cooling would not be nice. If not they will still give you the info. Mine also would fail to shut off on the return laxerpro I traced it down to a hidden line in the drawing.

I have found that the other manufacturers reps do like to badmouth LaserPro, but they get pretty quiet when I tell them what I paid for the power, table size and all inclusive three year warranty I got. Such as if the replacement laser has a keyswitch. Find out before upgrading if the installed power supply will cope with a more powerful laseralso determine if the motherboard will support that brand of tubeExplorers came with synrads and Deos sourcesyou might have to upgrade within the family of tubes it came out with.

I assume you have the Laserpro already? I have had a LaserPro Explorer 35 W for almost a year now, and have had none of the issues you describe.

This would mean buying a new power supply, as the 30 watt machine does not have the power for a 50 watt laser. At the end of a job, the laser would advance to a random position an image one random horizontal line.


GCC Laser Pro Explorer II

You laserprk to be able to do some work yourself and possibly have some tech assistance. We have had it now for about 8 weeks now, and have been having a number of intermittent issues with it.

I’ve been told that it’s a fairly simple process, since the tubes are in laserprp units – a simple swap-out. When I first got my laserpro a year ago, I had similar problems. Try looking in the wire frame mode if you use Corel draw.

Engraving | LaserPro Explorer II problems

All times are GMT The machine suddenly lost power, turned out it needed a beam alignment. If you get a real quote let us know. My Laser Pro rep has come by several times, to change out the firmware, and try other fixes, and says that the next step is to replace the main board.

Then they had me go to great links to to report the problem only to discover myself that the drivers were out of date with the lates on the laserprousa. It really wasn’t a viable option in my opinion.